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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day of the Dinosaurs

We started out our morning at dinosaur world.  This place had giant life-sized dinosaur statues.  I thought it was pretty interesting.  

 The boys got to do a fossil dig and come home with a few fossils.

 So scary....

 This was my favorite spot.  The little brachiosauruses were drinking out of the pond and little did they know they were about to be someones lunch.  YIKES!!!
 Look at how BIG this guy is!!

 After dino world we decided to grab lunch in downtown Glen Rose.  We chose the Green Pickle.  Let's just say that small towns are not known for there fast and quality service.  At least in this town.  
 Clayton was NOT a happy camper.  We waited an hour for our food.  It was a neat little place, but just SLOW!!!  Add that to my list of why I do not live in a small town.  
 Then we were off  to Dinosaur Valley State Park.
 I remember coming here as a kid, but I don't remember it well.  It was really neat hiking and searching for all the dinosaur tracks.  
 It is AMAZING to me that these tracks have been here for millions of years.  

 We had to wade across the water to see some tracks.  It was FREEZING.  

 These are some more tracks.  They are all up and down the river.  It appears that a meat-eating dinosaur was chasing and trying to kill a plant-eating dinosaur.

The boys had a blast being outdoors.  Els is not much of a hiker yet, but he still had fun.  
We had so much fun on our mini vacay.  We will for sure be going back soon, maybe with our tents for a little camping and to go to Fossil Rim. But, for now, back to the real world.

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