"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



  [dos-ee-ey, -ee-er, daw-see-ey, -see-er; Fr. daw-syey] 
a collection or file of documents on the same subject, especially complete file containing detailed information about a person or topic.

Also known as the "paperchase".  6 months of hard work.  And it is FINISHED!!!   

It is in the mail today to arrive at AWAA before noon tomorrow.  It will be reviewed by two AWAA staff and then the Dossier is taken to the State Department and Ethiopian Embassy for additional authentication.  After that, it will be sent to Ethiopia and we will be DTE.  Our preliminary DTE date is 4/1/2011.  DTE means that we will officially be on the waiting list.  Also know as "paper pregnant".  Don't laugh when I start pulling out the maternity clothes and starting to eat for two.  It just might happen!!  I am a big fan of the stretchy waistband.  Next Friday, we will get an email telling us our official DTE date and what number we are on the waiting list. 

 I think I checked over these documents 100 times before I got to the post office and then several times actually at the post office.  I spent forever trying to figure out which envelope would be the safest to send this precious cargo in.  I wondered which would be the most waterproof in case of a giant flood in the post office.  Which one would withstand all of the traveling it would be doing in the next 24 hours.  Once the postman helped me pick an envelope, I made him check the insides of all the other envelopes he had tried.  I also had him put tons of tape on that envelope.  Whew!  I left the post office with a huge stomachache.  

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for us, written reference letters for us, and notarized tons and tons of documents for us. :) Thank you so much to those who have made donations to our fund.  God has used you to help us on this journey.  I am amazed at how He has provided for us EXACTLY with each phase of this journey.  We have not had any more or any less than what we have needed. I am humbled.   When He calls you to do something BIG and you feel like there is no way, let me tell ya, THERE IS!!  Just be obedient to His calling and He will provide.  Thank you to those who have listened to me talk about adoption over and over and over and over.  This is our life right now and it consumes my mind, my heart and my time.  Your hugs, phone calls and listening ear mean more than you know.  

My heart aches for our daughter to be here with us.  We have a LONG journey still ahead, but God has confirmed over and over again that this is right where he wants us.  He has prepared our hearts for this journey and we are ready and so excited for what he has in store for us.  


Kim said...

How exciting, it must be such a relief to have that done!!

The Warren Family said...

Our family is praying for you guys. Hope to hear some good news soon and everything arrives to its place safely. We hope to adopt one day too ! Let us know if we can help. Jenn W.

Sharon said...

Well we sent in the normal stuff that is required: copy of foreign adoption decree, copy of visa, copy of re-adoption, copy of foreign birth certificate...but now they want receipts and cancelled checks....but we don't have any cancelled checks bc it was either CC or a grant...and the checks I wrote were through a bank that got bought out by another and now they aren't online. *arg* I'm sending copies of invoices and statements from the agencies...I hope that works.