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Thursday, June 16, 2011

10 of my Favorite things

1. My Jo Totes Bag
I just got this for my birthday thanks to Mimi and Gongi and Suzanne and Lowell.  I am in LOVE.  It is a camera bag and a purse all in one.  I can now carry my camera everywhere without worrying about it getting ruined.  It can fit so much stuff in it and it is super cute.
I came home to find this super cute box sitting on my front porch.  So exciting!
 I had the most difficult time deciding on the color.  I had several people giving me input and unanimously the marigold bag won.  It is more of a mustard color.  
 Oh, and the inside...it is awesome.  Love the houndstooth and all the room.  It comes with all these pads and you can arrange it however you like.  I can even fit a diaper in here so I don't have to carry an extra bag for Els.

2. Kindle
I LOVE, LOVE to read.  Since we don't have a tv, I spend my evening relaxing with a good book on my kindle.  My parents got this for me for my birthday and it is AWESOME!  I have read so many books.  My sister and mom have been able to loan me several books so I haven't had to buy many.
3. Nike Running Shorts
I have one pair and I wash them every single day.  Another birthday present from my sis.  They are the best running shorts EVER!  One day I will invest in another pair.
4. Itouch and couch to 10k app
This is the best way to get yourself up and running.  You can listen to your music while the program lets you know when it is time to walk or run.  Greatness!
5. pioneer woman's chocolate sheet cake
If you have never had this, you are missing out BIG TIME!  I forgo the nuts in the recipe because my family does not like them, but it is AMAZING!!  Plus, I always have most of the ingredients on hand at any given moment.http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2007/06/the_best_chocol/
6. Clothes line
It is strange that this is one of my favorite things because I HATE doing laundry.  It would be on my top 10 least favorite things.  But, the clothes line, I love.  I love that I can hang something out there for an hour or so and it is dry.  Cloth diapers look super cute hanging out on the line.
7. My Minivan
Yes, you got that right!  I am a minivan loving momma!  Our car killed over in March and I was so upset. Not the best time for our paid off car to die.  The cost to repair it was way more than it was worth.  So, we headed to the lovely carmax and drove away with a minivan.  It took me months to get over the grief of going back to a car payment, but now that I am over it, I LOVE it!!  The kids fit so well in it, the doors slide open with the push of a button.....oh, greatness!
8. Diet Dr Pepper
Need I say more...
9. Peanut M&Ms and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
I couldn't split these two up because they are equally awesome in my book.
10.  Netflix and Hulu.   I can pretty much keep up with some of my favorite shows (i.e. Glee, Modern Family) and either watch it on my itouch or on our laptop.  


McDowell Family said...

Great list! I love the bag - I've never seen that before, but it is a wonderful idea. It is funny how many things we have in common...diet dp, reeces, nike running shorts...

Ginger said...

I have to have one of those camera bags!!! I would certainly carry my big camera around more! Thanks for sharing!

Julianne said...

I remember a time not too long ago when you didn't even like chocolate. I feel like my prodding and urging helped you in that area so I take partial credit for your love of peanut m&m's and reeses now!