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Saturday, June 18, 2011


At Elliot's 2 year check-up, the pedi told me to start giving him Zyrtec everyday for his constant runny nose.  He said he more than likely had some allergies and it would clear it up.  I was hesitant to give him medicine every single day.  Those kinds of medications make me feel so loopy and I didn't want him feeling like this all day every day.  Thankfully, a friend of mine suggested raw local honey.  
I had never thought of or heard of this before.  Have you?
I then researched it and it totally made sense.  http://www.localhoneyblog.com/seasonal-allergies/local-honey-and-allergies.  We found a place that sells raw local honey right down the street from us.  So, we will be taking the zyrtec back to the store and trying this out first.  Hopefully, Els nose will stop dripping constantly.

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Sandi said...

We have been doing this for years and it really helps!! It will take a few weeks or so before you see results but stick with it, even when they don't have allergy symptoms.