"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Friday, June 10, 2011


Summer is HERE and we are in full summer mode.  Swimming and swimming and swimming, staying up late, sleeping in (HA!)...or sleeping until 730 instead of 630, and dinner on the go.  We have had so much fun together this first week of summer.  We spent a day with our playgroup swimming and catching up.  I LOVE these mommas.  They are such and encouraging and fun group of girls.  

We ended the afternoon with giant slushies from the QT.  Did you know that these things are only 79 cents?  We might be spending lots of time at the QT this summer.  
The next day we got to go swimming with our cousins at their house.  We had a little impromtu birthday party for Els since we were not having an official party for him.  The kids wanted to celebrate and give him his presents.   The kids had so much fun and swam for hours.

 Julianne bought 7 different boxes of ice cream for us to choose from.  How fun is that for a birthday party.
Elliot LOVED his ice cream cone.

 Friday, we took Joel to In-N-Out burger.  He has been dying to go, so we finally gave in and took him.  We had a LONG morning of cleaning....REALLY LONG (the boys DID NOT want to clean at ALL), so it was a nice break.  This place is YUM!  I didn't really get the hype before, but I think it is the #1 fast food burger I have ever had.  

The boys have had swimming lessons every evening, so we have had sandwiches every night for dinner and gotten in bed really late.  So far, a great start to the summer.  

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