"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This week has been hard.  It started out on Saturday morning when I realized that yet another week of NO referrals.  We are months and months away from a referral (the wait time is  was7-11 months for infant girl) but I was beginning to realize that there was no way we were going to have a referral at the 11 month mark.  We have only moved one spot in 3 months.  ONE!!  It made me sad.  My suspicions were confirmed today.  I got an email from our family coordinator that stated that the wait times have been changed to 11-18 months for an infant girl and wait times are showing a trend of increasing.  SAD!  That is all...just sad.  I know God's timing is perfect, His plan is sovereign...I trust Him.  I know He will bring our daughter home to us and it will be a glorious day.  I just want her home with us and it just makes me sad that she will not be with us this year or probably even next year. It is like being pregnant without a due date.   Just sad....

To top off the bad news for the day, our puppy has to have major knee surgery on both knees ASAP.  Really?  Super sad....

The good in the day...
*completely cleaned out three rooms in the house and donated all the "junk".
*the playroom actually looks nice (for a moment)
*bought all of the boys' school supplies.  So on top of things!
*I got a book I have been wanting to read forever at the library.  Love free stuff!
*plus, it is girls' night out!

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