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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Vacay

This year we decided to take a small summer vacay to Sea World, San Antonio.  Although, we were sad to forgo our annual beach vacation, it was exciting to do and see something different.  I was a little leery of going to Sea World with it being 105 plus degrees outside.  I am not a fan of the heat AT ALL!!  Plus, Joel came home from work one day and a man had told him how horrible Sea World was and how horribly hot and crowded it is.  But, I had other people tell me it was great.  I had to talk it up and tell myself it would be fun and it would be okay.  
Sea World DID NOT disappoint!!  WE had a BLAST!!!

We had to start our San Antonio Vacay visiting the classics that I went to as a child.  First stop...
The boys just stood in front and took a picture...nothing but a picture.
Then we headed to Casa Rio.  We always ate here when I was a kid.  Joel said I needed to branch out a little and try something different.  He wasn't crazy about it.  We had fun sitting on the river walk watching the riverboats and feeding the birds chips.

 Then the riverboat tour.  

 The next morning, we woke up bright and early and headed on the *FREE* shuttle to Sea World.  We went straight to the dolphins to feed them.  

 Oliver was brave and fed them fish. Clayton...not so much.
 It was so cool to be able to feed and pet them.
 Next, to the Bay of play area.  This is a huge splash/playground in the middle of the park.  It helped us stay cool all day.  We would go see a show, then run through the Bay of Play.  The boys loved this little roller coaster.  You can see Clayton in the very back.

 Our first show was Azul.  I loved it.  It was my favorite show.  It was Beluga Whales, dolphins, and acrobats.  I think Beluga Whales are so pretty.  
This picture is horrible of Elliot, but I love the look on  everyone elses faces.  Amazed.

 We had an all day/all you can eat pass both days and it was well worth our money.  We got food and water and water and more water all day long.
 Oliver's favorite show was One Ocean with Shamu.
 We also got to see baby Shamu.  So cute and tiny compared to the others.

 The big boys cooled off on the Rio Loco
 While we chilled in the shade.....
 Love those eyes!!!!!

 Oliver loved the Journey to Atlantis.  He talked about it the whole time.  He loved this ride and wanted to ride over and over and over.  
 They are on the front row.

 Clayton's favorite ride was the Steel Eel.  I can't believe he rode this.  I rode it and it was kind of scary.
 Els loved running through the water.
 Joel's favorite show was the Sea Lions Cannery Row
 The sea lions are so funny because it is almost as if they are really acting for the show.  
 The sting ray feeding was really neat too.  
 We wanted to see them feed the sharks, but they only eat every few days.  Bummed.  
 We spent part of both days at the Lost Lagoon which is the waterpark.  That kept us cool for the afternoons.

 We stayed from 930 am and got back to our hotel at 930 pm both days.  They were completely worn out.  They slept until almost 10 am this morning before we headed home.  
Sea World was the perfect getaway for our family!  So many great memories were made!

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The Warren Family said...

So glad you guys had a blast. Maybe we will brave it next year :)..