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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boy Makeover

Clayton has NOT wanted me to cut his hair.  He wanted to grow it out to look like Luke Skywalker......

.....ummmmm....don't think it is working out so well.  First of all, we are dealing with an 8 year old who has a hard enough time remembering to brush his teeth.  Hair brushing is really not on his radar.  I also think Luke Skywalker had a stylist!!

 Plus, we are dealing with ALL KINDS of crazy cowlicks.  His hair is wavy and a little coarse.  And, well, I just did not like it. I think it looked like Lego hair which is actually a look that he likes also.   I like the clean cut look.  He finally agreed to a haircut, but told me I could not touch it and it HAD to be cut by a professional and it HAD to be at Sports Clips.  Seriously....
Just in time for school picture day!!!

He will thank me one day!!

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