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Monday, October 31, 2011


The boys have been so excited for this day to come.  They picked out their costumes in September and have been wearing them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Clayton is a Jedi, Oliver is a Ninja and Elliot...well...it depends on what moment.

We spent Sunday afternoon at Mimi and Gongi's house.  This is a family tradition and the kids have so much fun!  Elliot was himself for most of the afternoon.
The Halpin Family Cousins
Here is his darling dinosaur costume, but as you can see the look on his face, he did not like it.  He cried and cried until I took it off.  
 Cool Jedi Clayton
On Halloween, the boys finally got to carve their pumpkins.  Oliver wanted to do a ghost on both sides and Clayton decided to pick something REALLY hard and did Perry the Platupus from Phineas and Ferb.

 I tried the costume another time....FAIL....he looks happy here, but that was just for a second.

 He ended up going as Peter Pan (old costume from when Oliver was 2).  It was more like wearing clothes, so he was okay with it.  Olivia was so good with him trick-or-treating.  She made sure he saw every single step and held his hand the whole way.  She is going to be a great big sis.

 Look at all that Loot!

 The whole crew!  The Walls Family cousins.

The boys are already talking about what they will be next year.  Elliot will probably be going as himself.  

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