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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ollie's Eyes

Oliver came home at the beginning of the month with a sticker that said "I had my vision and hearing screening today."  Then, two weeks later, he had the same sticker.  It thought that was weird.  I was going to ask the nurse about it one day when I was up there, but I didn't want to seem crazy.  On Friday, he came home with a note that said he had 20/80 vision in his right eye and 20/20 vision in the left.  I am not sure why this has never been caught before.  He has never had any visible vision problems and I have never noticed his eyes doing crazy things.  I got him an appointment for Monday to have his eyes checked.  

Thankfully, we were able to leave the other boys at home.  This was quite a process.  So many eye checking machines.  Then, he had his eyes dilated and we went through all the eye checking machines again.  While his eyes were dilating, we went next door for some yummy frozen yogurt.  Since it was just him, he got to get whatever he wanted.

 This whole time I was trying to process how old and how different he will look with glasses.
 The diagnosis is amblyopia  or "lazy eye".  Basically, the brain stopped using that eye and it has atrophied.  He has been using his left eye to see and he can see perfectly out of that eye.  The glasses will hopefully get his brain to start using the right eye again.  With the glasses, he has a prescription in the right lens and nothing in the left.  The glasses will only be able to correct his vision to 20/40 at this point and gradually we hope to get it seeing 20/20 with glasses.  If we stop seeing progression in the vision, we will start patching the left eye and forcing the right eye to be used.  I am so thankful that we caught this early.  At 5, his eyes are still developing and we can get the right eye to work again.  We will be seeing the eye doctor every three months to recheck his vision.  I am so glad he will be followed closely.

We then had to find some glasses....for a 5 year old....that won't break in seconds....and that look cute...and that don't cost 1 million dollars. I nearly had a heart attack at the eye doctor.  The only frames that fit him were 200 bucks and that was just for the frames.  YIKES!!  Gigi met me at eyemasters and we had a much bigger selection and much better prices 2/$99 and that included to lenses. WHEW!!
Eyeglass shopping is not the greatest experience with a FIVE YEAR OLD.  He was nuts!  I was in tears.  Thankfully, we had Gigi to hold it all together.  She is a pro glasses shopper!!
He was so disappointed when we could not take the glasses home.  But, we were going to go get them the very next day.

 I tried to explain to him that he had to wear them all the time except for sleeping.  Hard concept...after an hour, he told me he was ready to take them off and that he could see perfectly out of his eye now.  Poor guy! But, once we got home, he did much better!  
Here is our cute, cute Ollie P!
(He was not in the picture taking mood, so here is the best I got)
This is pair #1.  His favorite.  

Pair #2   I think he looks so cute in both, so I don't really have a favorite.  Clayton likes these the best.

 Silly Daddy!!
Now, I have to entrust my 5 year old baby to take care of these precious little glasses while he is at school.  We got the flex kind that you can bend and twist without breaking, so hopefully he will not break them or lose them on his first day ...or EVER!  Within the first 10 minutes they were covered in fingerprints and he couldn't even see out of them.  I hope he continues to be confident and know that he is a wonderful boy even if someone says something mean about his glasses.  His sweet teacher read the book "Arthur's Eyes" to the class today to hopefully make the transition easier for him.  So thoughtful!  Love her!  We talked about the superheroes that wear glasses (Spiderman and Superman) and Harry Potter. He thought that was cool! Oh, and he thinks Wolverine wears glasses too...why not?   He looks so big and that is what makes it hard for me!


Julianne said...

I think he looks adorable! Those are WAY better than my first pair back in elementary school. . .I am sure Joel can fill you in on that loveliness. He looks so cute and stylish!

Rachel H said...

Such a handsome guy!! The frames you picked are perfect for his face. He does look so grown up though. :-(

Gigi said...

I think he looks great! He is so handsome and so very sweet. I am so glad that he is happy with them.

Stephanie and Jeff Stovall said...

He is so stinkin cute with and without glasses!!! I learn so much from your blog.... about kids and everything that comes along with them!