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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Yightning Ma'fween"

This is the "yightning Ma'fween Baket" Or Lightning McQueen Basket for those who do not speak Elliot. It goes everywhere with Elliot.  Lightning sleeps with Elliot, eats with him, rides in the car, goes to football games...you name it...he goes.  He carries it on his arm like a "murse".  It is filled with all his favorite cars and trains.  It is actually an Easter basket that he saw at the top of our coat closet and insisted that I get it down.
It has not left his side ever since.  Well, except for when I make him leave it in the car for church or bsf or other places that many other two year olds might want to play with his "yightning ma'fween".  That would not go over well.  Els is not really big into sharing!  Might be due to the fact that he has to fight for his things with his two older brothers!!

At night, he pulls out the three little Lightning McQueens and they all sleep side-by-side right next to him.
Such a funny boy!


Ginger said...

We have a Lightning McQueen obsession in our home too!

Stacey said...

Jude has the same Cars toys! They went with us to Boy Scouts last night! He likes to line them up by color!