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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

At the Halpin House, Black Friday does not mean spending ALL night and ALL day out shopping for steals and deals.  I DO NOT like crowds and DO NOT like staying up all night.  I already did that this week waiting for my sweet niece to be born.  I just am not made to stay up all night.  It is a lazy day spent at home, Christmas shopping in my pjs online, Joel playing some football with his friends, and decorating for Christmas.  My kind of day!  Especially after working all day on Thanksgiving.

We started the morning off with this yummy breakfast that I found on pinterest!
 I got most of my Christmas shopping done and then we were ready for our tree decorating party!  I was so excited to get our tree out that we bought after Christmas last year.  We had to get a new tree due to the "baby rampage of 2010" (as Clayton calls it). 
 The boys did a great job this year decorating.  We didn't have a huge lump of ornaments at the bottom of the tree.  They did most of the decorating themselves.

 Hanging Annie's pink slippers on the tree that Rachel bought her.  Annie, we are thinking about you and praying for you this Christmas. 
Her little princess crown ornament from Gigi.  I love knowing that others are thinking about and praying for this little girl.I also LOVE having a little pink bling on the tree!

 Then it was time for the traditional Christmas tree decorating Feast.  This has been a tradition in my family since I was a little girl and I love carrying this tradition on with my family. 
 The Feast would not be complete without our lime sherbert punch. 

 This year I surprised the boys with a Lego advent calendar.  Needless to say, the were so excited!

 Joel hung the star and our tree was complete!
 The stockings I made!!  Clayton asked what it was supposed to spell.  Ha!  Guess I didn't realize it would look that way all hanging together.  It spells JECOEA!  It spells Joel, Erica, Clayton, Oliver, Elliot, and Annie!!  My family!  I think they are so cute!!  I love how they spread all the way across the mantel.

 I made this wreath too!

I love this season to celebrate the birth of our Lord! 

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