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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ahoy, Matey!

 We had our 3 month check-up for Oliver's eyes.  Three months ago he was diagnosed with amblyopia (aka lazy eye).  With glasses, his right eye could see 20/40.  Today, after only 3 months, he can see 20/30 with his glasses.  I was so excited to see such a big improvement.  But, the eye doctor wants to be more aggressive and to start patching the good eye to force his bad eye or "lazy eye" to work even harder.  We have to patch his left eye (his good eye) after school until bedtime and all day on the weekends.  At first, Oliver was very excited about wearing a patch like a pirate.  After an hour, he was done with it.  Lots of fits and crying.  Being a pirate is fun, but not full time.  I can't imagine walking around with everything looking blurry.  I feel for him.
 You can't really see here, but he has a band-aid like patch on his eye.  We were trying something different to see if it would work better.  The eye doctor also wants him to be doing eye stimulating activities with the patch on.  She suggested word finds.???  He's five.  He plays all day.  So, we have been letting him play games on the computer more and playing angry birds a lot.  Eye stimulating enough, right?
Day one and day two have not been fun,  but it will get easier....I hope. 


mary lambeth said...

my nephew--now 31-- had a simliar problem with he was little. it took several times to find what worked with him and what he would be the most compliant with. just keep at it and he will start to see the difference and then understand why he has to do this. a five year old has a hard time understanding all of that. plus, this is probably how he has always seen things so for him it isnt strange, seeing the correct way is strange for him. i know with a lot of hard work and prayer he will get through this! my nephew doesnt wear glasses now but he still has issues from time to time when he gets tired.

Gigi said...

I'm so thankful that the glasses have helped. Hopefully this will too.