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Monday, January 9, 2012

Poor Daisy!

About 6 months ago (around her one year birthday) Daisy had a really bad ear infection.  I tried to treat it myself as I do with everything.  No one gets to go to the doctor unless you are in serious need.  But, my diagnosis and treatment for this girls ears was way off and I was making things worse.  Finally, I asked Joel to take her to the vet and also for him to ask why it felt like her hips were clicking when she would sit.  Being a NICU nurse, I know  about hip dysplasia in infants and to look for the clicking, not in dogs.  When he came home from the vet, he said he had bad news.  It was her knees and she needed double knee surgery.  UGH!!!  Not good news for me.  I am EL CHEAPO!!!  But, what was the other option?  She is the sweetest dog and had become a part of our family.  So, we started saving for the knee surgery.  We had the country surgeon option or the big city pet surgery center option.  We decided the country surgeon option. Half the price!!!   Kind of "Doc Hollywood" ish.  Love that movie!!  

So, today was the big day....knee surgery....WRONG!!! This little 13 lb. dog has hip dysplasia (this is very uncommon in small dogs).  Her right hip was completely out of socket and had been that way.  No wonder she didn't walk on it at all.  The other hip will follow one day.  I told Joel to ask them if we could forgo the x-rays since she obviously needed the surgery and why the x-rays (AGAIN, EL CHEAPO).  So glad they did them.  She had a femoral head and neck excision.  Kind of interesting.  Her body will make a pseudo hip joint.  The vet said she had probably been in a lot of pain for a really long time.  So sad!  She has never acted like she was in pain.  

So far, she is not a fan of the cone.  She did not sit down all night long and stayed in one spot.  I feel so bad for her, but I also don't want her to mess up the incision and have to take her back.  So, 14 days with the cone it is.  Sorry girl!!!

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