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Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Night 2012

The Walls family likes to party.  We go ALL out.  I guess I should say that my parents go all out.  Oscar Night is a HUGE deal for our fam and has been since I was a little girl.  As we have gotten older it has become an even bigger deal.  We have theater type food, dress up in costume, trophies and prizes for choosing the correct winners.  SO. MUCH. FUN!!! 

Elliot was enjoying his first ever hot dog.

 Macey really went all out.  She one second place for costumes.  First place was my aunt that came as Minnie from "The Help" and she even came with her pie (which makes my stomach turn when I think about it.)
 I loved Emily's Costume.  So creative. So cute!!
 Scott was the guy from the muppets with his muppet.
 Sweet Charlotte came as the Princess and the frog.
 We weren't to creative this year.  I came as nothing and my boys wore their halloween costumes.  Clever!

 This year the boys entered an animated short-film into a competition.  It was awesome (thanks to Joel) and they WON!  of course no one needs to know that they were the only entry!!

Elliot won his first trophy and he was so proud.  He just stood their smiling.  It was priceless!
Another great Oscar night!  We look forward to it next year!

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