"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012 may go down as the most memorable Easter EVER!!  It all started on Friday.  Actually,  let's go back to Thursday morning when I get a text from my friend Kristy saying her son was throwing up.  Little did I know that this was going to make a HUGE impact on our coming week.  Guess where our kids were the night before?  At Kristy's house...(not blaming you, sweet friend).  Friday night, it begins.  The stomach virus!!!!!!!!!!!  The first thing I did was look at Joel and say "GET OUT OF HERE!!"  What would the church do if their pastor was stuck at home with the stomach virus on Easter morning.  I envisioned people sitting at church just waiting to hear about the resurrection of Easter and Joel was not there.  So, he packed his bags and checked into a hotel for the weekend.  We had people offer their homes up for him, but a stomach virus is not something you want to invite into your home.  Especially THIS ONE!!  Saturday morning, we woke up and everyone was fine.  ALL DAY LONG!!  I had high hopes of church on Sunday. I just wanted to make it to church.  But, as it happens frequently, I was leading worship and that frequently leads to a sick kid and me staying home.  We prayed all day for healthy tummies.  Saturday night, Midnight, Clayton goes down.  This virus grows power with each victim.  He was SUPER SICK!!  We were both up all night and everyone was so sad that we could not go to church this morning.  I asked Joel to live stream church from his iphone for me and he did.  THANK YOU!!  I got to worship in my pjs!  
This is my view of church on Sunday!
Then the sermon.... Joel took his phone up to the pulpit, so I had a view of the ceiling and sometimes part of his face!  I heard about half of the sermon and then someone called him (phone was on vibrate) and it shut off.  So, I have no idea how it all ends :).  (I will be listening to the podcast tonight)! Thankfully, after two days, we had Joel back!!!  WHEW!!  I managed to hide all the Easter eggs we had stuffed for my aunt's house and we had a hunt in the backyard.  The bad thing is that all the candy in every egg is the same.  
The stomach virus continues.  It hits Elliot on Sunday night (of course in the middle of the night after I have had no sleep and no husband for 2 days). Then on Monday it hits me but with even more power.  Aches and fever added to the misery.  I could not even get out of bed!!  AWFUL!!  Sorry kids.  They had to fend for themselves.
Last but not least, JOEL on Wednesday!!  Stomach virus-5 Halpins-0
I spent the last two days with a can of lysol spraying every surface possible.  I even sprayed the car.  Stomach virus, you are NOT welcome back here!!!!
So, there are no cute pictures of us in pastel Easter outfits (not that I had those anyways) or of us running through the grass picking up easter eggs.  There aren't any pictures that exist of this lovely week besides the two you see here.
So glad we are on the other side and BIG sorry to those that have received this horrible "gift" from us.