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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Diet dp free!

I have officially been free from diet dp and artificial sweeteners for 1 month. It has been tough! I still love it and crave it like crazy. But, my headaches have been few and far between! Yippee! I thought I had headaches because I needed it more, but it was because I needed to rid my body of aspartame. Artificial Sweetener Disease is a real thing.  The cure is to stop ingesting Artificial Sweeteners. Artificial Sweetener builds up in the body and it also takes time to rid your body of it!  Yikes!  Read this article on ASD http://www.naturalnews.com/034378_artificial_sweetener_disease_ASD_aspartame.html  My new favorite drink is sobe life water! It is so good and has no artificial sweetners. I have been using agave nectar to sweeten stuff too!  We have also been gradually decreasing the amount of processed foods and high fructose corn syrup we ingest.  It has not been easy and takes a lot more preparation, but we will get there.  I have been paying more attention to labels and what I actually put into my body and my children's bodies.  At least we are trying!  If anything, I am so thankful that my headaches are going away.  I was having some last for 4 days.  So, my ibuprofen intake has decreased dramatically too.  That is a plus!  My liver thanks me!

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