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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Freshwater Fishery

This weekend we headed to Athens, Tx to the Freshwater Fishery.  The boys have been fishing so much that we thought they would love this.  It is really neat to see the different kinds of fish that are in the Texas lakes.  I really had no idea.  We started out in the dive show and fish feeding.  

We then took a short tram tour of the place.

Then we took a really fun trail and saw all kinds of neat things.  I was a little obsessed with the lily pads.  I have never seen so many and they are so pretty.  Lots of pics to follow of these precious lily pads.
After the first 5 minutes here, Clayton said "This is the best place EVER!!"  Love that!
Giant fuzzy caterpillar.

After the nature trail, we finally saw the guy we came to see.  The alligator gar.  The boys have been dying see this fish.  This giant guy lives in our lakes and can be up to 300 pounds and 8 feet. YIKES!  He did not disappoint.

These catfish were the craziest thing I have seen.  Do you think they have been fed once or twice before?  Ha!  

Just waiting for a handout.

Next up, fishing for catfish.  Our pond is not stocked with catfish, so this was the first time they had caught them.  They each caught a catfish.  

This is some other crazy fish that is living in our lakes.  Looks like a deep sea fish to me.
We wanted to go see Joel's Aunt and Uncle, but we didn't have time.  Sorry Keith and Beth Ann, hope to catch you next time!  We will be back!  We hit the Cotton Gin on the way home for a late, late lunch and made it home just in time for my Pinterest Girl's Night Out party.  Whew!  What a fun, fun day!  

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