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Monday, May 7, 2012

Weenie Roast

Joel has ALWAYS wanted a firepit.  He loves fire, he loves s'mores and burning things.  I was at my fave store Aldi yesterday and came across this steal.  A fire pit!!  So, I decided to go ahead and get it for an early father's day gift.  I will be in Ethiopia on Father's day anyways, so might as well.  It was too good to pass up.  For my birthday week (yes, I get a birthday week.  I am a princess and will be for a little while longer), one of my gifts is that Joel is going to cook dinner all week.  So, first night we had a weenie roast on the new fire pit with s'mores.  YUMMY!!!

 The smoke was kind of crazy and Clayton decided his swim goggles would make things better!
 We always add a little twist to our s'mores.  This time it was a milky way caramel.  The caramel makes the s'mores the BEST!!!

What a fun night!!  Looking forward to more weenie roasts and s'mores in the future!

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