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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ethiopia Day 6

Today we headed out to the countryside.  It was so pretty.  There was actually grass, mountains, acacia trees, less trash.....Our team leaders adopted a little girl a year and a half ago and her mother lived out here.  They got to visit with her and it was a great experience for me as a future adoptive momma.  They showed her pictures of her daughter and she was overjoyed and tearful at the same time.  I cried tears too.  Just thinking what a sacrifice she made for her.  She lived in this tiny little "house" which was a step up from where she lived when her daughter was born.  AMAZING!  They were able to provide for her to go to school next year to learn to read and write.

There were the sweetest kids in this village.  We wanted to bless all of them, but we couldn't because it could have been a danger to us because there were so many of them and they all needed new shoes and clothes.  We were so sad!  But, after lunch, we headed back home and on the way through the countryside, we were able to bless as many people as we saw.  We were covered head to toe in blessing bags and we either threw them out the windows as we were driving, or we got out and ran to them.  I will never forget the looks on their faces.  OVERJOYED!  THANKFUL!!

 That evening, we went out for a cultural night at an Ethiopian restaurant.  There was some CRAZY dancing going on at this place.

 Here is Carrie trying some Ethiopian food and claiming that the brown square on the plate smelt and tasted like a flip flop.

 Hannah got singled out to dance with one of the Ethiopian dancers.

It was a fun night and a blessed day in Ethiopia!!!

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