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Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy 3rd birthday!

What a super fun 3rd birthday this little boy had.  Nonna and Nonae took him for the weekend and he got to ride a train to the fort worth stock yards.

He got to sit on a real live Beevo (which he thought was kind of scary), and see the cattle drive.  It is not very often that Elliot gets to be by himself.  Nonae built him this awesome car race ramp that will have pics coming one day soon.  He got to spend the night and go for a yummy breakfast in the morning.
On Sunday, we celebrated his birthday with the Walls Fam.  

Happy Birthday, Sweet boy!  I cannot believe you are three!  You keep telling me you are not three.  You are two.  I don't mind.  You can stay two forever!  You are the sweetest, sweetest, most easy going boy!
We celebrated today with chickfila for lunch per your request.  We then went swimming at Nonna's house.  On the way home you fell asleep, I got you out and you requested to take a nap.  You must've been tired because you never take a nap anymore!!!!

For dinner, we celebrated at Babe's with Gigi and Grandpa.  They got you a new train track which you LOVE!!  Mimi and Gongi got you some new crocs that you were so so excited about.

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