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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meet the teacher

"School days, school days, back to school once more.  We just love school new things to explore." 
(Some song I used to play on the piano.)

The boys have NOT been wanting to go back to school.  This summer has been full of so much activity for them and they have had a blast.  Disney World, Sea World, SMAK, Camp, VBS, swimming, Schlitterbahn, snow cones, sleeping late, staying up late.  It has been a wild and crazy summer.  But, alas, time for school to start boys.  We need some routine around here.  

I always get nervous to meet Clayton's teacher.  It is just the unknown.  He is the top dog this year.  This will be his last year in elementary school.  This was his last meet the teacher.  He was so excited though.  He could not wait to meet his teacher.  He said, "I am just going to go casual this year so she will know what I really look like."  Ha!  So funny!  Like I usually make him wear a suit and tie.  We knew his best friend Caleb was going to be in his class, but to our surprise, his other best friend Avery was in his class too.  His teacher was super sweet and I think he is going to have and AMAZING year.  

First grade for Oliver.  He was so excited to have a locker.  He is so shy when he gets around new people and would not talk to his teacher.  Mrs. Owens was Clayton first grade teacher and we already love and adore her.  We are so excited that Oliver has her.  Elliot was two months old when Clayton was starting in Mrs. Owens class.  Tear!  
Here's to another AWESOME school year!!!

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