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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Must Reads

I have been really afraid of raising a teenager.  Clayton has entered the tween stage and he is so different than he was.  Not in a bad way, just different.  I recently read "Age of Opportunity" by Paul Tripp and it was so good.  It really opened my eyes on what a teen (or tween) may really need.  That I should look at this time as an opportunity to speak truth into my child and really get to the heart of him than dread this time and spend it yelling and fighting and really only touching the surface of the problem.  It talks of how important it is to show forgiveness and grace, just as God has shown us.  Loved it! and I feel so much more prepared for the unknown ahead.  And, even though Clayton is not a teen, he requires a different type of parenting now than when he was younger.  You may find me checking the book out at the library on a monthly basis...or maybe I should just get my own copy.
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I read this book in one day.  I LOVED it!  "Anything" by Jennie Allen.  It is her story on how her and her husband prayed "God, we will do anything. Anything."  She has so much truth in this book.  I wish I could quote the whole book, but maybe you should just read it.  "To risk is to willingly place your life in the hand of an unseen God and an unknown future, then to watch him come through.  He starts to get real when you live like that."  We need to be willing to do anything for God no matter the cost.
Anything: The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Soul

Oh how I love the Baxter Family and Karen Kingsbury.  This was the finale of the Baxter Family.  I will miss them so much.  This book was really sad, but I still loved it.
Coming Home: A Story of Undying Hope

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