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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vacation Day 3 :The River

We spent Saturday tubing the Comal.  The rest of the fams wanted to go shop the town of New Braunfuls and that just really did not sound fun to me.  Especially with three boys (make that four) in tow.  Macey decided she wanted to go with us.  We had a BLAST.  Clayton again said this was the best two hours of his life.  Love him!  Elliot loved being in his own tube at first, but we went down a big rapid and he was not having it after that.  He loved just chillin' in mine or Joel's raft.  Wish we would've know that before we spent money on his own tube.  With him, you never know.  If we hadn't gotten him his own tube, he would've wanted to sit in his own tube.  We looked at it as insurance. 

It was a relaxing fun day!  We went back to the house for more fishing, swimming and another late night of playing a HILARIOUS game!!!  Love my LOUD and FUNNY family!!!  The cousins had so much fun together too.

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