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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL????

It was the perfect morning for some football.  It felt like fall.  The boys had their first games which was actually just a scrimmage.  They both did really well.  Clayton made two tackles.  He dove for those flags.  We were both so proud of him because he gave it his all.  At practice he has not been trying very hard.  At the game, he tried hard and did his best.  He got the defense star this game.

Oliver loves playing football.  He is did so much better at football than soccer.  He made two tackles and ran an 80 yard touchdown.  WOOHOO!!!  I was the crazy woman jumping up and down on the sidelines.  
Elliot asked if he could have a football jersey.  And asked why he couldn't play football too.  He wants to play so bad.  Clayton played a little game with him while Oliver's game was going on.
Here is Oliver getting his offensive star!  Way to go, Oliver!!!

Sadly, all of my picture are from my phone lately.  I left my camera charger on vacation and I haven't replaced it yet.  So...the next best thing.

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