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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big and Bigger

This boy looks so big!  I was sad he took his glasses off for the picture because that is a part of who he is, but it is still darling.  My big 1st grader.  He is loving first grade, loving his teacher, and making new friends. I think he is really coming out of his shell this year.   His teacher said he is ready to take off in reading.  His smile lights up a room.  

 And this boy looks even bigger.  My big fourth grader.  He is almost the same size as me.  His foot is bigger than mine and the same size as my dad's foot.  Wow!  So hard to believe.  He is absolutely loving fourth grade.  He made straight A's on his report card and he is really changing and maturing into such a wonderful young man (another post to come on that).  He used "frankly" in a sentence when he was talking to me the other day and I just looked at him like "are you big enough to use "frankly" in a sentence?"  Seems like grown up talk.    It is hard for me to believe that he is almost 10.  
I am realizing that keeping them tiny is not an option.  In the blink of an eye........

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