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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eye Update

It has been a year since Oliver was diagnosed with Amblyopia (lazy eye).  We have gone to the eye doctor every three months.  Amblyopia is tricky because there is not an easy fix for the eye.  You can't just put glasses on and he can see.  You are dealing with the brain and nerves too.  Gradually over the year we have gotten his eye from being corrected (meaning when he is wearing glasses) to 20/80, then 20/40, 20/30 and now we are corrected to 20/20.  Such good news!  Over a years time he could only see 20/80 with his glasses and now he can see perfectly.  We have had to buy him new glasses or change lenses every three months to accommodate for these changes.  This time, we just got new lenses because we are going back in another three months and we will probably be changing again.  The key is to keep his lazy eye seeing with perfect vision with his glasses.  If it gets slightly blurry, the good eye will begin to take over again and we will be back to square one.  At first, they thought he might outgrow this, but after a year, the doctor said he has such a huge difference in his eyes that he would always need something for his right eye.  He said in a few years he could just do a contact lens in one eye because with glasses he has no depth perception or peripheral vision.  I am just so thankful that we discovered this.  The doctor said if we had not found this early like we did, then he eventually would've lost sight in that eye and it could not be corrected.  So thankful!


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So handsome!!

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Love that smile!!