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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

 Merry Christmas!!!!
After a long night of crazy thunderstorms and hail, we had a lovely visit from Clayton at 4am asking if we could get up...uh...no!  So, he climbed in bed with us....BAD IDEA!!  We thought it would be good so he would not wake the rest of the house up.  But, he is the same size as me, so we had three adult sized people crammed in one bed.  Goodtimes!!!  We finally got up around 7.  The boys were so so so excited.  Santa brought all of us an Xbox.  Our wii has not been working great, so that was very thoughtful of him.  Elliot got his beloved Jake and the Neverland Pirate ship.  The boys also got skylander Giants to share.  Such a fun morning!!!  

 We had a fun silly string fight after gifts were opened!!!
After our fun morning at home, we headed to Mimi and Gongi's house for our annual Christmas Breakfast.  It did not disappoint.  Mimi has been in the hospital this month, so we all brought yummy dishes.  Mimi and Gongi are such wonderful hosts and such a blessing to us and our children.  They look forward to this day all year.
 We then headed to Gigi and Grandpa's house for a fun afternoon!!!!  The best part of the day.... SNOW!!!!!! I could not believe how huge the snowflakes were.  We had a white Christmas in TEXAS!!!!

The kids had a blast outside.  I stayed inside where it was warm.  We had to leave a little earlier than we normally would because the roads were starting to get icy and the snow was really sticking!  On the way home, we stopped at the only open store, Walgreens, to find a connection we needed to hook our xbox up. We had to hit up two.  We could not wait to get home to play!!!  Merry Christmas!!!!  Such a wonderful day spent with the Halpin family!

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