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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is spent with my family.  We spend the first part of the afternoon taking all kinds of pictures.  There are 4 or 5 cameras shooting at the same time, so none of the pictures have anyone looking in the same direction.  Then it is time for the kids Christmas.  My parents have a special tree upstairs just for the kids.  

 Sweet Olivia just could not keep her hands of the beautiful ornaments!!
 Elliot got Jake, Jake's sword, a Leap pad 2, a game, play doh, a football uniform and a new football.
 Clayton got Transformer bot shots, a Kindle Fire, a ds game, and some money from Chad.
Oliver got several Halo things and his favorite, most wanted thing...The DS.  Every gift he opened he would say "please be a ds, please be a ds".  When he opened it, he could not contain himself.  He was so excited.  
Annie got a giant bag of hairbows (75 bows, I think), a bow holder with her name on it, a sweet little outfit for next Christmas. and a little people princess castle.  This girl is so loved already!!!
After the kids open, we ate some yummy food and then it was time for the adults to open.  The kids were so good because they were all entertained by all their new electronics!  It was such a fun Christmas at Nonna's.

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