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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Prairie Lights

This is a fun tradition.  We went last year and the boys talked about it all year long.  They could not wait to get back.  This year, Gigi and Grandpa went with us.  First stop was In n Out Burger.  Then, we all crammed in the van and headed out to the Prairie Lights.  

 Clayton was our light photographer!

 Half way through they have rides and a walk through light trail.  Elliot did not want to ride any of the rides, so he kept entertained by the blow-up Santa.
 These crazy boys rode this spinning dragon ride.  I nearly threw up just watching them.  They went around and around and around and around.  I loved hearing them scream and laugh.

 Gigi rode the merry-go-round with these two boys.
 Merry Christmas to all!!!
We got home really late on a school night, but it was totally worth it.  It is cheaper to go during the week, plus there are no lines.  The boys had a blast and cannot wait to go next year.  This is a must see!!!

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