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Monday, February 11, 2013

Oliver's New Bike

Oliver wanted a new bike for his birthday.  A BIG bike.  His first bike was getting too small for him and the front tire was no good.  We have gone looking a couple of times, but there are just too many choices for him.  Today, I decided to just surprise him with his new bike.  Elliot and I found the perfect shiny, blue bike for Oliver this morning and had it set up in the garage waiting for him to get home from school.  He was so excited and said it was the BEST bike EVER!  For some reason, he had a hard time getting started on the bigger bike, but once he figured it out, there was no stopping him.  He is a very determined little big boy.  He has to figure out the hand breaks and was loving the kick stand.  Oh the joys of getting big!  (Joel was so so excited about the pegs...I don't even know what pegs are for.  Boy thing, I guess)

 I love these pics....totally this boys personality shining through!
I am so looking forward to many bike rides with this big boy!

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Gigi said...

Such a good looking bike & a handsome boy! I love that smile & really love that boy!