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Monday, March 11, 2013

Double digits

Ten.  TEN?  I have been a mom for ten years.  That is crazy!!  When you are caught up in the moment, you don't realize how quickly it is flying by.  But, I have 8 years left with this boy in my home.  I have 8 years left to shape him and mold him into a man that is ready for the world.  This really has hit me hard.  The next 8 years are going to fly by even faster.  I hope to cherish every moment.

Happy 10th Birthday, Clayton!!  

We celebrated you with Einstein's Bagels (a blueberry bagel with blueberry schmear)

You have been begging me for the past year to make you this Jar Jar stuffed guy (yes...I guess he is not completely over stuffed things).

He got to spend the morning on a field trip at the symphony.  He actually really enjoyed it.
You had Firehouse subs for lunch and Gigi brought you a cupcake.

Then you had a yummy dinner at Babe's (with gigi, grandpa, our fam, and Caleb) and danced in the chicken hat!!

We spent the rest of the evening celebrating at Nickelrama.  What a fun night!!!
We ended the night with you blowing out 10 trick candles on your Strawberry Birthday cake and opening up presents that consisted of a whole bunch of Transformers.
I look forward to many years to come!!

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