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Saturday, April 13, 2013

2 years and 2 weeks (almost)

We have officially been waiting for Annie for 2 years and 2 weeks.  I forgot to post on our actual DTE date, so we are just a little bit closer now.  Things seem to be moving right along in the adoption world.  There have been a steady amount of referrals and we are moving up.  We are so close.  SO CLOSE!!  The estimated wait times right now are 24-30 months and we are right in that window.  People are getting referrals that have DTE dates that are a month before ours.  EEEEEEEEE!!!!!  I have not spent a lot of time looking at our waiting list.  Over the past two years it has brought be a lot of grief and despair.  Seeing us move up, move back again, move up a tiny bit, move back again.  It was hard for me, so I stayed away.  But, now that we are so close, it is giving me such hope.  Seeing our name nearing the top of the list brings excitement and anticipation.  It helps us focus on getting our home ready, getting our hearts and minds ready and getting our finances in order so we can have the money to bring this girl home.  It seems unreal in a way.

Last weekend we worked on getting a room prepared for her.  It is far from done, but we made the first steps.  We don't have a lot of space in our home so we had to move all of our clothes out of our master closet to make it Joel's new office.  It actually worked out really well.  Annie's room will be in Joel's old office.  We are now looking for in- room closet solutions since we lost our closet. Thanks to pinterest, I think I have found my solution!!!   I will sacrifice my closet any day for this girl!!!  We will just pretend we are in a cool loft apartment in New York!

My sister gave me this darling furniture for her room.  It will be painted white.  We need to add a door in the hallway and close in some french doors in our room, but after that this room will be PINK, PINK, PINK!  I have all of the gifts that people have given to her over the past 2 1/2 years stored up at the top of my closet.  It was so fun to go through everything and see how loved she has been for so long.  The baby doll was from my mom 3 Christmases ago.  The box was covered in dust.  I was so excited to set her out.

We cannot wait to have you in our arms, Annie!

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Lainey-Paney said...

HOW exciting to really start moving toward making her room and just....all that!

Very, very, exciting!