"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

He's in the small stuff too!

The beginning of the adoption process is called the paperchase. You spend months and months and months gathering all kinds of paperwork. A new marriage license, brand new birth certificates, fingerprints, criminal background checks, a physical with labwork, Fire inspection of home, home study, etc. etc. Everything must be notarized and approved. And then you are through. The paperchase is over. Whew! WRONG!!!! All of the paperwork starts to expire. Our home study was updated last year and will be updated again in the next few months. Our fingerprints will be redone for the 3rd time next week. Our physicals have to be redone...you get the picture. It just overwhelms me a bit. Or maybe A LOT!!! During the beginning round of paper chasing, Joel thought I had lost my marbles. But, this time my well check-up worked out to be around the same time as my document needed to be updated. Yippee!!! Sadly, I got a phone call today that my paperwork was complete but they don't have a notary. Ugh! I just wanted this to be easy. After I got off the phone, I prayed,"Lord, please make this easy. I am weary.". I got home and looked up notaries. They have a mobile notary service that charges $45 to meet you and notarize. Well, guess I will be calling tomorrow. But, at our connect group tonight I was talking about the paperwork and what I needed to get done and both of the women I was talking to said," I'm a notary". Seriously? Praise the Lord!!!! He hears me and listens to me even in the small stuff!!!! He reminded me today that he has not forgotten me!