"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last days

Last days are hard for me.  I don't like change.  But, it is time for a change.  Clayton started at South Garland Baptist Church MDO when he was 11 months old.  This was when Joel first started working here as the youth pastor.  Even after we left the church to start a new church, we continued MDO here with all three boys.  But, we have moved further and further away.  We now spend 4 hours a week driving to and from the church.  Marlene retired as the director in December and it has started to not make sense for us to be making this drive.  Plus, with Annie coming home next school year (Please, Lord. PLEASE!!), we have just felt God telling us that we need to have a season spent at home.  I spent so much time in prayer over this.  We feel that Elliot will be a help when Annie comes home.  He will be able to help her socially and verbally.  We just really have no idea what our next year is going to look like, so we are already preparing for what it may look like.  Plus, both Joel and I have realized that these boys are growing up too quickly.  Clayton is going to Intermediate School next year and has already entered into the lovely world of Tween-hood and he is growing and changing so much.  I really want to soak in all of Elliot that I can before he goes off to Kindergarten.  So, next year, I will be attempting to teach him his letters and giving him a jumpstart on reading.  Teaching is not my gift, so wish me luck!!  I work on his actual last day, so I was in tears as I dropped him off and picked him up.  Many of the teachers have watched all three boys grow from little babies.  They have all been such a blessing to us!  But, we must be obedient to where the Lord is leading us.

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Kate... said...

Erica - It was so good to hear from you! I thought I'd pop over to your blog to see how your journey is unfolding. Your family is beautiful...and cudos on the running! We will add Annie and your family to our Medina family prayers:)
-Kate Medina