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Thursday, June 6, 2013

5th GRADER?? What?

Clayton seriously flew right through elementary school.  I just dropped him off at elementary school for the first time just the other day...it really feels like it.  And now, he is leaving elementary school.  Wow!  Moving on to intermediate school.  Thankfully, I have many, many, many more years at this school.  I will be gray and fully wrinkled when my last child is out of elementary.  He is so grown up now.  So independent.  He is even big enough to sit in the front seat of the car.  We have big people conversations together in the front.  It is so strange.  We have inside jokes that are just ours.  We are just so proud of him.  He has accomplished so much in his years at Tibbals and he has many years ahead of him to accomplish even bigger things.  He got A honor roll this year and he has qualified for the gifted and talented program for the rest of his school years.  Mrs. Conner said that he is a "rare gem".  She said he has the kindest heart and she is going to miss him so much.  That meant more than anything else he could ever do.

 We have been so blessed by amazing teachers every single year.  Look at this tiny boy with Mrs. S in Kindergarten. 
We took flowers to each of his teachers. He has really GROWN!!!
 First grade.  
 2nd grade.  I am guessing my life got really busy here because I could find no pictures of Clayton with his teachers for the next years.  I added a child and started the adoption process.  It seriously seems like he skipped from 1st grade to 4th grade.  The grades inbetween are a blur to me. 
 3rd Grade
 Fourth Grade

Check this out.  Us at Kinder Graduation.  Our tiny little son. ( and our super tiny son due to be born the next week)

 Us at 4th grade Promotion and our son that is just a tad bit shorter than me.  

 His class
So, on to 5th grade.  Lockers, changing classes, new friends....

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