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Thursday, June 6, 2013

A new 2nd Grader in Town

This boy is moving on to 2nd Grade.  It is really hard to believe.  He has grown so much this year and learned so much.  His reading has really taken off!  I am so proud of him.  He is leaving first grade with all his baby teeth still intact.  The only one in his class.  But, we have a wiggly one! We have been so blessed by Mrs. Owens again this year.  

My favorite memory of this year was when I came for his parent/teacher conference and at the end, Mrs. Owens asked me to step outside and see Oliver's Abraham Lincoln.  I stepped out into the hall and there between all of the generic, happy, rosy-cheeked Abe's was my son, Oliver's scary-eyed, vampire teeth Abe. He is just an out of the box kind of guy.  He is an artist.  He likes to take his own approach to things and that is what makes him who he is.  He is a funny, funny guy!  I made sure to get this Abe before school ended so I can have it forever (or at least to show to his wife one day).
His favorite part of first grade was electronics day (which was yesterday. Ha!) and EVERYTHING!

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