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Friday, June 21, 2013

Elliot's Swimming Show Day

Elliot has never been afraid of the water.  He just knew that in order to even be near the water, he had to have his floaties on. We had a scare last year of him getting in the pool  without us knowing and we are so thankful that he was okay.  But, no floaties equals no pool around here.  So, when we took him to swimming lessons without his floaties, he was not a fan.  He said he could not swim without his floaties and he could not be in the pool without his floaties.  Every day we would go through this.  He was scared of swimming lessons every day....until day 7 (out of 9).  It just clicked.  All of the sudden, he could swim.  Like really swim.  He was jumping off the diving board all by himself and swimming to the side.  AMAZING.  My aunt teaches swimming and she is incredible.  He even did the super scary back float for seven seconds all by himself.  I was SO proud of him.  

Way to go, BIG BOY!!!


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