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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, ELS!!

Four years old.  That is so BIG!  And you think you are Bigger than Oliver and Clayton.  You state this on a daily basis.  You want to do EVERYTHING all by yourself, which takes A LOT of patience on my part.  You talk, talk, talk, talk (at least at home).  You still cling to my leg a bit out in unfamiliar places.  I will soak that all up because I know it will change quickly.  You will still climb in my lap and snuggle.  So BIG, but still so little.  You are so sweet, so BOY, so imaginative, so loving.  Your laugh is so contagious and so precious. You love fruit snacks and more fruit snacks.  

We had the BEST time celebrating your birthday with you.  We let you choose exactly what you wanted to do for the whole day.  

First stop, Donuts!!!  Chocolate with sprinkles.

 I LOVE how excited you got over a pack of hot wheels.  This boy LOVES cars and car tracks.

 We then headed to the zoo.  You were in charge of the map and you were in charge of where we went next.  You LOVE being in charge.  Your favorite part of the zoo was the Lions.  We got to see them up super close because they were laying against the window. 

 We are so thankful that the zoo has water to splash around it.  It was HOT!!!
We had to stop by the birds because it is Oliver's favorite part.  Elliot wanted nothing to do with the birds.  I am right with you, Els.  I wouldn't have gone in if the other two didn't have to have a parent with them.  

You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the carousel.  "I want to ride that circle thing".  We hear that over and over again.  I think this might be your favorite part of the zoo and we always save the best for last.

We then headed to the Zoo McDonald's as you requested.  This McDonald's did not disappoint.  It is filled with giant animals that make noise.  It is pretty fancy with a Giant play land.  We stayed here for several hours.

We then had to go to swimming lessons.  Yesterday at swimming lessons (the first day) you kept telling Haw-Haw that you weren't big and you couldn't do what she was asking you to do, but when you turned four, you were BIG and you tried everything at swimming lesson.  Dinner was at CiCi's.  Gigi met us there for a fun filled dinner.  You picked Cici's for the arcade not for the food.  Ha!  Thankfully, Gigi came prepared with dollars for the arcade.

You wanted a Ninjago cake.  You could not stop talking about your Ninjago cake. So, Clayton helped out and picked out a new Ninjago for you for your birthday and even built it for you.  

Then, PRESENTS!!!!!!  I love at this age that you were perfectly happy with that set of hotwheels that you got this morning.  But, we got you a racetrack that you have been asking for.  The cars go super fast and it is super fun!  We stayed up until 10pm celebrating you.  You were so sad to have to go to bed.  You didn't want the day to end.

 We had the best day celebrating you, Els!  You bring us such incredible JOY and we Love you so much!

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