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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Making of a Cucumber

We planted cucumber seeds back in April.  We also planted watermelon, strawberries, lettuce, onions, jalapenos and peppermint.  We did not have high hopes for any of them because we have no idea what we are doing.  We were just hoping something would take.  The lettuce quickly died, the onions were victims of our lovely dog who kept digging them up, the watermelon..another victim to the dog.  The jalapeno plant looks the exact same as it did when we planted it, the strawberry plant has made a few tiny strawberries.  The peppermint plant is finally flourishing under the shadows of the giant cucumber plant.  It must like shade. The cucumber has gone CRAZY!!!! But, we have had no cucumber.  We had tons and tons of flowers that looked like it should be producing cucumber, but alas, no cucumbers.  I finally looked it up and I had no idea how a cucumber plant works.  Here is a lovely science lesson for you or a lesson on the birds and the bees.  There are male flowers and female flowers on the plant and the female has to be pollinated in order to grow a cucumber.  You will start of with a bunch more male flowers.  They grow 10 to 1.  In order to have cucumbers, you must have bees.  So, I was looking at the plant this week and I could hear it buzzing.  I looked underneath and there were bees everywhere.  They were working really hard to make cucumbers for us.  It was pretty cool to see them go in and get the pollen and then move to the next flower.  Then, I started seeing these tiny little cucumbers.  So EXCITING!!!  I am just surprised that this giant cucumber plant grew from a package of $.89 cucumber seeds.  

The cucumber plant is starting to wrap around the gate.

Here is a little strawberry!

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