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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fire Dragons

The first soccer game of the season and someone is soooo EXCITED!!!  He was ready to make some goals.  I am so sad that the exposure is all wrong on all of the pictures.  Next time the sun is blaring in my face for an hour, I will have camera on auto mode!  

 This is his first goal of the season.  And, sadly, the only goal for the Fire Dragons the whole game.  It was basically us vs. #10 on their team.  No one else had a chance with the ball at all.  Elliot did not take this too well.  

 He needed lots of pep talks from his Daddy and his older brother!  He also didn't feel that he should be sitting out for some of the game, so he would randomly hop up and join the game.  So funny...Love 4 year old soccer.

 The cutest fire dragon EVER!!!

 He would do this every time #10 scored and then he would throw his fists down. Then he would look at us like he was about to cry.   He did not like it!  Not one bit!  He is our aggressive/competive one.  Guess it comes with being the baby brother!

I am looking forward to the season!  So much fun!  I am also looking forward to some cooler weather.  Not too cool, but just Cooler than 100 degrees!  Is that too much to ask!

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