"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Halpins!
We carved pumpkins on Halloween Eve. 

 Clayton free handed an angry bird.

 Elliot wanted a meerkat...so a cat...and Oliver's is a Zombie.
 After heading to Mimi and Gongi's house after school for trick or treating, we feasted on $0.50 corny dogs from Sonic and I made some funnel cake.  Starting out healthy to offset the sugar intake.

 Elliot was a TCU football player.  He has the full costume for a Dallas Cowboy, but he insisted on wearing the TCU jersey!  Go Horned Frogs.  Joel thinks he is spending entirely too much time with me.  Oliver is a creeper from Minecraft and Clayton is Steve.  We spent ZERO dollars on Halloween costumes this year.  The premade Steve and Creeper heads were going for $25.  Ummm....for a cardboard box?  No THANKS!  

 We had a fun night trick-or-treating!  Talk about some serious candy!!!

 We had a warhead challenge.  Clayton's picture I will hold on to for black mail one day (HA!).  His sour face is out of control.  Oliver could only handle a few seconds of the warhead.  Kudos for trying.  I wouldn't even go near one of those!

Fun night, but we were all in bed by 9.  That is the entire house, lights out.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

State Fair of Texas

Oh how I love the State Fair.  It is one of my favorite places to be.  We have not been in years.  I think the last time we went, Elliot was a baby.  So sad.  This year, Oliver came home so excited and showed me his free fair ticket and made sure I marked Fair Day on the calendar.  We did not have plans to go this year, but I could not break his heart.  So, I got a free ticket for Elliot, two free adult tickets for us and free parking pass.  SCORE!!  That was a huge money saver.  Just to get in, you usually drop at least $50.

 Elliot loved feeding the animals.

 After the animals, we went straight to the corny dog stand and Big Tex!  We love our Fletcher's Corny dogs!

 Then we tested out some fancy cars.  I checked out the fancy minivans!

 This is the first time I have ever been at the fair at night.  It was a new experience.  There is a parade and  light show.  It was awesome.  I loved watching Elliot watch the parade.  His eyes were lit up the whole time.  It was priceless!

I was surprised at how cool the floats were.  They were real floats, not just your small town trucks with a sign on the side.  The Real Deal!

 We let each kid pick a second treat for the night.  Ols and Els chose cotton candy.  Good choice, boys!

 Clayton chose the fried thanksgiving dinner.

 He gave it a thumbs up!

 We were all going to ride the Texas Star together, but the line was insane!  So, three of us rode the sky walk and Joel and Clayton rode something else (honestly can't remember the name).

 This is what Clayton and Joel were on.  It went up way too high for my liking!
 I got the fried Nutella.  It was good, but so much sweetness!  I wish I had chosen something that leaned towards the salty.  

 The best ride of the night (per Oliver) was the ride to the car.  A friend of ours was working at the fair as an EMS and he gave us a ride on his medic cart to our car.  The boys thought it was so much fun.  I liked it because it was FREE!!!

 Hope to see you next year, Fair!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thankful for Her

A woman in my BSF group today said, "Instead of praying for God to bring your daughter home, why don't you pray to God thanking him for your daughter?  He has already given her to you, he has already appointed this for you.  He already knows the time.  He will bring her home. So, spend time thanking Him for her."  This completely blew me away.  How many times have I gone to the Lord asking Him to bring her home, but in the back of my mind not believing it will happen.  Too many to count.  But, if I fully believe that He will do it in His own timing and he has called us to this little girl, then I should just sit at his feet and thank Him for this little girl that he will be bringing into our home and pray for him to prepare my heart for what he has in store.  

Your will be done.
Your timing.
I am so thankful for her.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Mom

I was having a bad mom day the other day, but the day had a quick turn around when I read the paper entitled "My Mom".  Sometimes you just need a little affirmation that you are getting it right.

My Mom

   The things I like about my mom are that she is a nice, caring, and wonderful person. I also like that she is fun, a good cook, a person who takes me to awesome places. She is cool, and usually cheers me up.

  A good memory with my mom was when I wanted to make biscuits and we printed off a recipe and she helped me make some really good biscuits. We ate them for dinner with some bacon, pancakes, and waffles.

  Another good memory was when we went to Braums with just me and not my brothers and I got double dipped cone. My two flavors were lemon and lime with strawberry syrup. She only got one flavor.  She got peppermint ice cream. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tooth Loss Extravaganza

Clayton has pulled six teeth in the past two weeks.  SIX!!  And two more are on there way out.  The Tooth Fairy had to take out a small loan.  He also has all four 12 year molars growing in.  That means he has 10 new teeth coming in all at once.  YIKES!!  He only has two more baby teeth left and those are the ones that are about to fall out.  SAD.  The worst part is that the next time we go to the dentist, I am sure we will hear the dreaded word "BRACES".  EEK!!!  This boy has taken growing up to a whole new level this year!

Monday, October 21, 2013

9 Miles

That's RIGHT!  9 miles.  I. RAN. 9 MILES!!!  I ran with my friend(and family and co-pastor's wife), Megan, and it made it so much easier.  It is the first time I have not run alone.  We didn't talk much, but we pushed each other along.  White Rock Lake is 9 miles all the way around and we conquered it!!!  It was the most beautiful day and the most beautiful scenery.  Only 47 days of training left until my half marathon. This was such a great run.  I felt good and this was the first time that I really felt that I could actually run the entire 13.1 miles.  I did realize afterwards that my body needs a lot more water than I am giving it while running.  I got really dehydrated and really sick.  No BUENO!!!  I ordered a hand held water bottle to keep this from happening again.  Thankfully, Megan is such an amazing girl and still wants to continue to run with me!  Don't we look AWESOME?!?!

Friday, October 18, 2013