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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Halpins!
We carved pumpkins on Halloween Eve. 

 Clayton free handed an angry bird.

 Elliot wanted a meerkat...so a cat...and Oliver's is a Zombie.
 After heading to Mimi and Gongi's house after school for trick or treating, we feasted on $0.50 corny dogs from Sonic and I made some funnel cake.  Starting out healthy to offset the sugar intake.

 Elliot was a TCU football player.  He has the full costume for a Dallas Cowboy, but he insisted on wearing the TCU jersey!  Go Horned Frogs.  Joel thinks he is spending entirely too much time with me.  Oliver is a creeper from Minecraft and Clayton is Steve.  We spent ZERO dollars on Halloween costumes this year.  The premade Steve and Creeper heads were going for $25.  Ummm....for a cardboard box?  No THANKS!  

 We had a fun night trick-or-treating!  Talk about some serious candy!!!

 We had a warhead challenge.  Clayton's picture I will hold on to for black mail one day (HA!).  His sour face is out of control.  Oliver could only handle a few seconds of the warhead.  Kudos for trying.  I wouldn't even go near one of those!

Fun night, but we were all in bed by 9.  That is the entire house, lights out.

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Lainey-Paney said...

Warhead challenge. LOVE IT! That's soooooo on the agenda for next year!