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Monday, December 2, 2013

Halpin Christmas Card 2013

Family photos stress me out.  I don't stress easily.  But, coming up with outfits, trying to get THREE BOYS to cooperate and smile.  Just too much.  We have not had a true family photo done in years because A, I want to wait until Annie is here and B, it just wears me out thinking about it.  But, every year, my mother-in-law wants a family photo for her Christmas cards.  This year she decided she wanted us to all wear blue.  Honestly, I didn't even get our blue stuff together until an hour before we left.  I wish I had put more thought into it because I didn't even think about getting pictures of just our family.  If I had put more thought into it, I would've realized that a over-sized sweatshirt with a giant cowl neck is not flattering for family photos.  Even my sweet husband agreed after the fact.  I look extremely large in all the photos.  My arm...what is up with it looking three times it's normal size?  This one, I am hidden a bit.  
 This picture makes me laugh.  It is worth a thousand words.  That is our Ollie for you!
 I LOVE this cousin picture.  It is darling.  I think it was the winner and should've made the Christmas card.
 And, the entire family!  I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing family!

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