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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kindergarten Round-up

Insert Big Giant Tear Here.  
I can't believe the time has come.  Where did the time go?
For the longest time, I thought we would wait a year longer to send him to kinder.  He turns 5 in June, so he will be one of the younger kids in his class.  I researched the pros and cons of  holding back kids for years, talked to many people and many teachers and prayed about what we should do, and felt that he is ready and will do great in school next year.  Plus, he asks everyday when he gets to go to school.  If you know Elliot, you will know that he is 4 going on 15.  He thinks he is the biggest and fastest one in the bunch.  He talks to everyone and anyone and doesn't stop. And, he is hilarious.  This will be really hard on me because we have to change schools next year due to re-zoning.  I am so sad that Elliot won't get to be in Mrs. Shehane's class like Clayton and Oliver were.  We don't know anyone and it will be different. But, we will find new teachers to love and that will love on our boys.  
Look at this silly boy.  He is ready for school!

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