"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Friday, January 23, 2015

New boys' rooms

We decided it was time for Clayton to have his own room.  So as usual, my Dad and Mom come to the rescue.  My Dad that can do anything and my Mom that can design anything were on it.  They came up with an amazing design for loft beds for Oliver and Elliot that made them super excited to share a room.  I am always blown away that my Dad doesn't need any blueprints or directions, he just does it.  We are so thankful for him. He worked every single weekend for months getting these rooms done.  It is so hard to get it all in pictures, but it turned out perfect.  And Clayton thinks he hit the lottery.  In true teen fashion, he likes to close his door and  be ALONE.  We are annoying to him!  Ha! 

I found this deer head at Round Top and knew I wanted it above Clayton's bed.  I had a bunch of wood and some stain, so I was able to make it look really cool.  
Clayton put all of this together.  He hung the shelves and put all of his legos up.
He got this neat locker for Christmas from my Mom.
And I found this old printing press drawer at Round Top for his lego mini figures.  I love how both rooms turned out.  Next update is my room.  We have never had a nice bedroom, so it is time!

Annie's room

This room was just an extension of our master bedroom.  There were french doors to this room from our master, but that was the only entrance.  Kind of a hidden room.  It was Joel's office for awhile, but the people that built this house did not really have usable space in mind.  When we knew we were going to adopt, my Dad immediately figured out what we could do with this room.  My Dad can do anything.  So, he opened up a door in the hallway, closed in the door in our bedroom and voila. We now have a fourth bedroom.  The walls had to be textured and we needed new carpet, and of course PINK walls, but it is beautiful and I could not love it any more.  My sister bought us this beautiful crib and she gave us the furniture 4 years ago.  I just painted it white.  My sweet friend, Sheri, made the curtains and the bedskirt for her crib and I seriously cried when I saw them.  They are perfect and everything I had dreamed of.  The finishing touches are not added yet.  We still need pictures and curtains hung.  But, otherwise, it's ready for our baby girl. 

My Favorite Picture EVER!